H.C.S. Customs

A school-based business, run by students.

About HCS Customs

HCS Customs is our school-based business that utilizes students in the accounting, digital design, agriculture, and industrial technology areas. Our primary goal is to provide real-world business experiences for everyone involved.  The students in the production department will utilize a laser engraver, a computer controlled plasma cutter for metal, and a computer controlled router for wood. Students will produce a number of projects to keep in inventory, but will also take on the challenges of producing custom work for customers.

Once an order is placed, a student will be in contact with the customer to make sure that the order is filled as per the customer’s wishes.  We aim for the highest quality products at prices that are only slightly above our costs. All proceeds from the sale of projects are rolled back into the business for eventual purchase of additional equipment and software.

Discussions for a school-based business began in 2018 after attending conferences in which students in other districts were using computerized machinery to produce items for the public. A group of Heartland teachers and administrators began the planning process by conducting a live video conference with several other schools that had experience in starting a school-based business. Over the next 6 months, students in production, web design, accounting, and media began learning their roles as part of the business. HCS customs officially opened for business in February of 2019.  We would also be happy to take your phone call at 402-723-4434.